Metacraft AI Category Box Event

Metacraft is releasing more and more features to support our users making stunning NFT works. Other than AI style transfer, we proudly release our AI category box feature today. From Jan 10 2022 to Jan 16 2022, users who use Metacraft Category box will automatically eligible for Metacraft AI Category Box Event. Users are able to create NFTs with different styles, resolutions, and rarities. Metacraft is going to buy back all NFTs with Metacraft stamp logos on it.

Event Rules

1. Follow Metacraft twitter:

2. Join Metacraft Official Telegram:

English Telegram:

Chinese Telegram:

3. Like and share the tweet of this event on twitter

4. Log in your account on Use AI Category Box feature to generate NFTs. Please note: you must mint the NFT if your generated artwork has Metacraft Stamp Logo in order to claim your prize. Of course, if can also buy the listed NFT which has not yet being claimed for the prize.

5. NFTs with Metacraft Stamp Logos are eligible to claim the prize. The Event is starting at 12am EST on Jan 10 2022 until 12am EST on Jan 17 2022.

First, Second, and Third prizes contain the following Logos:


Everyone who joins the event is eligible to have a chance to claim the prize. There will be First, Second and Third prizes. All the minting fees from the users will be in the prize pool. 100% of the prize pool will be returned to the users. There will be totally 100 prizes including 20 First Prizes, 30 Second Prizes, and 50 Thrid Prizes. The First Prize will share 50% of the prize pool. The Second Prize will share 30% of the prize pool. The Third prize will share 20% of the prize pool.

Prize Pool

AI Category box event is eligible for all Polygon, BSC and Metis Chains. Users are able to use Chain tokens and USDT to generate AI works. All received funds in all chain will be in a single prize pool. At the end of the event, matic, bnb and metis will be converted into USDT in order to release the prizes for our winners.




Hmm~ Global leading one stop multiecosystem NFT service and trading platform

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Hmm~ Global leading one stop multiecosystem NFT service and trading platform

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